Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yeah, so I'm a Trekkor. What of it??

I am panicky. I am trying to hold it together, and thought I was doing ok, until I went to the mock booth display we had up last night and tried to decide what pieces should be out, where, which color display, etc. All of a sudden, the red alert noise from ST:TNG was going through my head along with this stream of conciousness: YOU DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH PIECES! YOU DO.NOT.HAVE.ENOUGH! STANDBY FOR SAUCER SEPARATION!

So, I want to blog about my awesome CrownTown Handmade meeting & workshop on Thursday, and how it was so cool to brainstorm with others and get their ideas for improvement. I want to blog about how it inspired me to really narrow my focus on what I want to make, namely jewelry from found items. But, I can't seem to focus on anything other than getting ready for Wednesday. Even trying to ignore the weather person who said it will probably snow. *Lalalalala*

So, the nerdy girl with fingers in her ears and a tricorder on her belt loop standing in the corner? It's me. Be gentle and kind. Thanks.

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  1. OoooooH! I didn't know you were a Trekkie! Please, please say OS! Shat-Shat, Deforest, and Lennie all the way! (p.s. I'm a big Ol Nerd too)