Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow day!

Snow that stuck. Not too common in the South, its usually ice. Well, we have both, so I am home bound and beadilicious! Looking out my window, the street is all ice and my neighbors haven't been able to drive up the hill. My 4x4 is in the garage, because I know that 4 wheel drive doesn't help with ice. Someone hasn't passed along that message! Guy is at work because people are crazy. Anyway.

Lots to tell you about! I just posted 2 new necklaces today, both different for me. Do I always say that? Well, I like to make things that make me happy, so who knows from one day to the next what that will be. The first one is an illusion multi-strand. Thats different for me because all that individual crimping makes me bonkers and I usually end up ruining a strand three quarters through. Just enough to really piss you off! But I perservered, and it is pretty damn gorgeous if I do say so. Go check out Etsy and see!

The second involves a big felt flower. Big.Felt.Flower! I discovered felt and flower making this past week (that is what I was talking about last post, thanks V!), and oh boy, I love it. I have little daisies, and posies, and somethings, oh my. I have put some on pins and on hairclips, so expect that to show up soon. I am trying to tamp my enthusiasm and get some more jewelry up before I veer off into yet another new craft.

Might be doing my first craft show next month,so I really need to get some inventory and make a cohesive statement. See previous paragraph. Also need to vary my price point, and think about packaging.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Favors are not just for weddings

It hasn't been that long. Hush.

Nothing going on here. I can't seem to shake the guilt that when I spend time making something, I could be doing something more 'productive'. Not my definition of productive, or my spouse's, but the ubiquitous THEY. They always seem to be Debbie Downers! I am also in the phase of not believing that anyone actually likes what I make, but then I remember I do.

Finished some necklace/earring sets and posted one of them tonight. There is another necklace to post, but my camera battery died. Of course. It is recharging now with a martini and a massage, so it should be good to go in a few hours. I think it heard me drool over the SLR. Eep.

The bead order I was waiting for arrived, and spent some time sorting them. Love love LOVE it when the freebies you get are something totally unexpected and awesome. This time there was a 16" capiz bead strand, some rose quartz, and....a ruler lol.

As usual, there are some ideas banging around in my head that need to find a way out. I have a friend, V, who is so crafty she'd pwn Etsy. Hi V! I need to make it a priority to spend some time together because, well girl time, and also she might be able to help me with my ideas. So, look for that. Hint hint, I know you read this!

Well, as my battery is charging, its time for me to recharge with some nice pinot. Till next time (month!)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Taking the romance out

So, there is a relatively large bead order winding its way across the U.S. towards my humble little workspace. Mostly findings, and less fun stuff, but since the problem is not finishing the pieces I've made, they are a necessary evil.

I am hoping to get myself back in create mode starting Monday. Maybe it sounds funny, but it is something that has to be scheduled into my day, otherwise it can get lost in the mudane household stuff. Spending time being creative can make me feel guilty, since it is also such a 'me' time. Since not only its 'me' time, it can be hours of work with no finished product, or playing with new techniques, and even *gasp* organizing if nothing inspires me. This week I went into my work area and cleaned up my table, put away my tools, found homes for all the lone stragglers and things that could be used for practice. It felt good to be in there. What I have learned, though, is my laptop and cell phone need to stay OUT. Technology is great, but it also makes it so easy to be distracted or sidetracked.

What I'm wondering, is how others deal with making time to be creative, or just time for yourself. Is it something your schedule, or is it more organic and just happens? Do others understand when you need to take time out? Do you feel scheduling time for yourself to create 'takes the romance' out if the process?

ETA: I just spent some time working on my 'to be dealt with' pile, listening to Vivaldi and having a cup of tea. It was wonderful!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well, um, hello there. Long time no see. *kicks dirt with toe* Would it make it better if I admitted that the guilt of not writing has overwhelmed me?? No?? Hmm. Tough crowd.

To be honest, I haven't written because there was no momentum with intenyears. for the last few weeks. Holidays, stress, lack or creative energy all played a part. There was a post Christmas Eve, but it seemed kinda sad, and who wants to read that over the holidays? Everyone has their own problems to deal with, and this is supposed to be a blog about Creating! and Adventure! There were a few pies that were created, but this isn't a baking blog. Check out the awesomeness that is bakerella for that!

Today I posted my first items all on my own, from photography to finish. Yay! The Rock Candy necklace is the unfinished quartz previously blogged about, and the brass filigree was a remake of the necklace I have gotten SO many compliments on. In fact, it is the necklace that spurred me to get the business cards made up. Much classier than writing it in a cocktail napkin, but way less fun. Maybe they make bourbon-scented card stock?

As for the photography, we knew our camera was the sucketh, but thought it would suffice to start off. On New Years' Day I was able to play with a friends' SLR (Mom, not as bad as it sounds!), and OH.MY.WORD. Did not want to give it back. The ease!The focus!The clarity! Makes me want to weep. Plus, you just look like you know what you're doing with a camera like that in your hands. Then, today, back to reality and our old digi. I tried not to show Canon my disappointment, as it is not his fault and he snaps his little heart out. But, there is cheating in my heart. Its name is Nikon.