Saturday, January 23, 2010

Favors are not just for weddings

It hasn't been that long. Hush.

Nothing going on here. I can't seem to shake the guilt that when I spend time making something, I could be doing something more 'productive'. Not my definition of productive, or my spouse's, but the ubiquitous THEY. They always seem to be Debbie Downers! I am also in the phase of not believing that anyone actually likes what I make, but then I remember I do.

Finished some necklace/earring sets and posted one of them tonight. There is another necklace to post, but my camera battery died. Of course. It is recharging now with a martini and a massage, so it should be good to go in a few hours. I think it heard me drool over the SLR. Eep.

The bead order I was waiting for arrived, and spent some time sorting them. Love love LOVE it when the freebies you get are something totally unexpected and awesome. This time there was a 16" capiz bead strand, some rose quartz, and....a ruler lol.

As usual, there are some ideas banging around in my head that need to find a way out. I have a friend, V, who is so crafty she'd pwn Etsy. Hi V! I need to make it a priority to spend some time together because, well girl time, and also she might be able to help me with my ideas. So, look for that. Hint hint, I know you read this!

Well, as my battery is charging, its time for me to recharge with some nice pinot. Till next time (month!)

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  1. I DO read this! Have fun with the new supplies! Im just as excited with my small purchase.