Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yeah, so I'm a Trekkor. What of it??

I am panicky. I am trying to hold it together, and thought I was doing ok, until I went to the mock booth display we had up last night and tried to decide what pieces should be out, where, which color display, etc. All of a sudden, the red alert noise from ST:TNG was going through my head along with this stream of conciousness: YOU DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH PIECES! YOU DO.NOT.HAVE.ENOUGH! STANDBY FOR SAUCER SEPARATION!

So, I want to blog about my awesome CrownTown Handmade meeting & workshop on Thursday, and how it was so cool to brainstorm with others and get their ideas for improvement. I want to blog about how it inspired me to really narrow my focus on what I want to make, namely jewelry from found items. But, I can't seem to focus on anything other than getting ready for Wednesday. Even trying to ignore the weather person who said it will probably snow. *Lalalalala*

So, the nerdy girl with fingers in her ears and a tricorder on her belt loop standing in the corner? It's me. Be gentle and kind. Thanks.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Burning it from both ends

Busy busy busy. If you are wondering why it is quiet on the Etsy front, registration for the All Arts Market finally opened last week. Our booth is reserved! If you are in the area, stop by and say hi! It is at night so after work is fine, and the admission is free. There will be lots of cool local artisans to look at, and you can make it a date night by heading out for dinner in NoDa. Crepe Cellar is my favorite!

So everyday of the last week has been spent trying to build up inventory, make up lists for our booth display, and basically working out the logistics. This is my first craft fair, so there are lots and lots of things on my to-do list. I am in general panic mode, and Guy is being great at talking me down from the ledge. I know this could be done by myself, but I am so glad to have help!

Yesterday Guy was off of work, so we spent most of it driving around and working on our booth. We had some amazing (and lucky) finds, and by the end of the day it was looking pretty good. We've searched the internet for tips, and one of the ones that made the most sense to us was setting up a mock booth and working out your placement beforehand. Then you can just take a pic, and use that to set up without stress. Brilliant! Right now it is temporarily set up on plywood set atop sawhorses in the garage. Look for a new page soon with updated booth/fair pics!

So tonight was takeout pizza in between me making more jewelry and Guy making necklace display stands and hand-stamping(yep) our tea-stained (yep) price tags with the tree logo. And also doing his usual work from home Wednesday office work. Like I said, its great to have help, especially with all these details.

Now that we are full of yummy pizza, time to refill the coffee cup. Back to wire wrapping pearls and making displays. You'll probably hear from me soon, as frankly I need the break!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Return of Guy

So I've been allowed to post again. After the lawsuit from Kellogg for the illegal jeweling of Ernest J. Keebler, I was forced to reside in the Keebler Treehouse for 3 months for sensitivity training. I'm a changed man now and elves are not friendly and cute.

As I am sure you have already seen we have purchased a new camera that makes me look like a champion photographer. It actually has legs and walks around and takes pictures for me. Well not quite but close. So I've spent my time retaking all the crappy "poser" photos from the first items we posted. Sometimes you never realize how bad something looks until you see it side by side with something else. The originals weren't bad just...ok, they were pretty lame. Now armed with the proper equipment, Gal's stuff has the photos they deserve.

Speaking of things walking around on legs, it reminds me of something I've wanted to post for a little while. I feel as though this will be an ongoing concept which I know you will all love. One of gal's favorite websites to waste time on is Cakewrecks, so I began to think, what if I did that but for all the "treasures" we find while hunting for vintage beads and other cool stuff. I'm sure someone has devoted a website (and also) their life to doing this already, but it will add some fun to our blog. I think the items will end up falling in 2 categories: one being items that don't belong in antique's stores at all and the other being "WTF?". Let's explore each shall we?

Recently, I came across a bottle of Tanqueray Gin being sold in a vintage booth. Now Tanqueray has been around for 100+ years, so imagine how excited I was to find a rare bottle of Tanqueray to take back to the house and nurse. But wait a's a new bottle...and it's empty...and they want 10 dollars for it! How could I resist that offer? Now keep in mind a new FULL bottle of the stuff only costs 17 bucks down on the corner. I bet the owner of the booth is scratching their head wondering why this bottle just won't move. File under: Doesn't belong in an antiques store.

Now for the bread and butter of this post. This next one is actually what really got me thinking about doing this. I love Toy Story the movie, it has great animation, wonderful values for children to learn and all those cool toys. If I had the spare time I'd build those toys for all to enjoy in real life. I mean, I'd put my blood sweat and tears into those bloody things. But wait, what if someone had the vision to do this for me? What if they put all their love, adoration and heart into handcrafting these toys? Well I now have the pleasure of putting up for your consideration someone who had that vision, that determination, to make these thoughts a living breathing, tangible reality. I know give to you my gentle readers, baby's head in a vase.

Now, I know what you are thinking, "Where can I get one fo those for myself?" And as tempting as it would be to tell you where you can purvey this fine object d'arte, I'm keeping it a secret. Why spoil it for everyone else who will no doubt walk by and wonder just who the f*ck in their right mind would conceive, design and build this thing? Oh I know:

Now I know what to do with that empty bottle of Tanqueray:

Until next time...

Quick Update

Feel like I am back to square one. Guy has been busy with his main job, so I've been learning how to use the lightbox, set up the camera, edit the photos, etc. Last week we bought a new camera, and its wonderful. But, with no earthly clue where to start with it, so far I've gotten as advanced as "on", it might as well be a paperweight. Until Guy gets home. So, back to waiting until he's able to take photos, but at least now it goes lots quicker than it did with our vintage horse-drawn digital 6 megapixel. This means a backlog of necklaces to photograph isn't so daunting. Just thinking about the write-ups that are waiting gives me shivers, though.

We went to the local homestore and my storage problem is solved - for now. Guy also suggested we head to Ikea, who am I to staunch his creativity?!? New shelves and various props later, it's feeling less cluttered and overwhelming in here. Which is good, because I just ordered a bunch of vintage crystals and metal findings.

Took a few days off, but I'm back in the work area and creating again. It feels good, especially because I have lots of ideas floating around. Time to get out the pen and paper and sketch them out. Or, in my case, a written description because my sketches make sense to no one, including myself.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I've Got a Fever...

No, really, I do. A low grade fever that Ty.len.ol is helping with. Luckily it is snowing out, so I'm not really expected to be anywhere. Unlike yesterday, where I was expected places, but with my car keys hitching a ride in Guy's coat pocket to HIS work, they had to be rescheduled.

You could say I also have a fever for creating lately. This week, at least 2 completed pieces each day, 2 trips to the bead store, and 2 bead supply deliveries. We've had some crazy weather this week, so it was nice to stay inside and work. Thursday it was extremely windy, but needed to finish a necklace so I headed to the bead store. On my way in, the wind blew a large tree over, in slow-motion 3-D, crashing down about 3 car lengths ahead of me and blocking both lanes. Luckily, no one was hurt but I was a bit shaken. Called it in, and went on my merry way to the bead store. I was still a bit shaken, and they let me ramble on about it a bit, but wasn't so shaken that I couldn't cure it with beads.

I am also trying to be more active on the Etsy forum community, and using my Twitter account to self-promote. Its that community thing I was talking about last post. This week, we are going to try making my own earring cards and price tags, try to find something to display my necklaces on, and settle on a color theme for our display area.

Craftiness. In me. Sometimes, I don't even know where this crafty girl has been hiding all my life, but I like it. The other day I was looking at a necklace, and it still awes me that I made that. I created that. That I think they are beautiful, and hopefully someone else will, too. Is this the artist's version of a runners' high?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Speak now...

So, it was a day later, but there are still new items photographed and posted on Etsy as of yesterday. I still have at least one more in the works, and am heading out to the bead store today to get some chain to finish it. Oh, peeps, the sacrifices I must make to keep the ravenous hordes at bay!

Lately it seems we are preoccupied with doing our first craft show in March. So many details to think of: earring cards, display themes, invoices, will anyone actually buy anything?? We both have strong retail/service industry backgrounds, so we actually may be a little bit more relaxed AND stressed about the details at the same time, if that makes sense. Visual marketing is key to attract and maintain a brand, so we are trying really hard to come up with a theme from the beginning that we like. Yes, it may take some tweaking, and I am sure our first craft show will be a HUGE learning opportunity for the both of us, but we both think its important to have a cohesive starting point. Watch this space, as I am sure you will be the first to know everything!

I am also looking forward to talking to other artists/crafters. As someone who is a bit late to this creation game, finding a feeling of community is special. Support is key when you are putting little pieces of yourself out there for others to comment on, critique, and (hopefully)love. Plus, networking grows your business. To go back to the craft fair, we were told about it from a friend who runs a spectacular florist in the area. The newest dates and information aren't even posted, yet. We now have an email conversation started with the coordinator and I have volunteered to hand out flyers and just help out in general. Word of mouth, whether by customers, friends, or fellow business owners is what really drives everything!

Monday, February 8, 2010


...due to football watching and imbibing early in the day, and not the bowl of the super variety, photos were delayed until thunderclouds depart...

2/9/10 update: photographs are being taken! Keep your eyes peeled! O.O

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Toys

Let's get it out of the way, I actually did have computer problems! Love all two of you, but am not crazy enough to be typing a blog post on my Xenon.

Lots of goodies! We had a day off, so Guy and I hit some local antique malls. We are getting scary good at working our way through all the stuff and finding things that are awesome and a great value. Even scored some great vibrant vintage buttons and beads that will go great with felt flowers. I love making the flowers, but to me it seemed they still needed something that made them 'mine' and cohesive with my style. The only downside to all of this is coming home and sorting through everything, and then trying to find homes that make sense. Yeah, everything is labelled, but I've run out of bins so two or three items are stored together. Think I will make Guy's day when I suggest a trip to the home store! Smooths the way for the trip we NEED to make to Ikea.

There is another new toy on my workbench, a wire jig. At first, the jig and I circled each other like prize fighters. Its many pins and vacancies just made no sense. How can these linear holes with pegs make round, flowy, loopy wires??? And then some tutorials came my way. Cannot say enough about the crafters who go through the effort to make these tutorials, they are so helpful to newbies like me, and help build a feeling of community. So, if any of you see this, THANK YOU!

My first necklace using the jig to fashion a pendant is now complete, and I love it! Photographing new items for Etsy Sunday, and probably posting them Monday, and it surely will be on there. Possibly a felt flower necklace or two, and one crazy colored necklace that just makes me smile. Oh, and a really neat necklace that uses a few vintage beads we found this last trip.