Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Toys

Let's get it out of the way, I actually did have computer problems! Love all two of you, but am not crazy enough to be typing a blog post on my Xenon.

Lots of goodies! We had a day off, so Guy and I hit some local antique malls. We are getting scary good at working our way through all the stuff and finding things that are awesome and a great value. Even scored some great vibrant vintage buttons and beads that will go great with felt flowers. I love making the flowers, but to me it seemed they still needed something that made them 'mine' and cohesive with my style. The only downside to all of this is coming home and sorting through everything, and then trying to find homes that make sense. Yeah, everything is labelled, but I've run out of bins so two or three items are stored together. Think I will make Guy's day when I suggest a trip to the home store! Smooths the way for the trip we NEED to make to Ikea.

There is another new toy on my workbench, a wire jig. At first, the jig and I circled each other like prize fighters. Its many pins and vacancies just made no sense. How can these linear holes with pegs make round, flowy, loopy wires??? And then some tutorials came my way. Cannot say enough about the crafters who go through the effort to make these tutorials, they are so helpful to newbies like me, and help build a feeling of community. So, if any of you see this, THANK YOU!

My first necklace using the jig to fashion a pendant is now complete, and I love it! Photographing new items for Etsy Sunday, and probably posting them Monday, and it surely will be on there. Possibly a felt flower necklace or two, and one crazy colored necklace that just makes me smile. Oh, and a really neat necklace that uses a few vintage beads we found this last trip.

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