Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Speak now...

So, it was a day later, but there are still new items photographed and posted on Etsy as of yesterday. I still have at least one more in the works, and am heading out to the bead store today to get some chain to finish it. Oh, peeps, the sacrifices I must make to keep the ravenous hordes at bay!

Lately it seems we are preoccupied with doing our first craft show in March. So many details to think of: earring cards, display themes, invoices, will anyone actually buy anything?? We both have strong retail/service industry backgrounds, so we actually may be a little bit more relaxed AND stressed about the details at the same time, if that makes sense. Visual marketing is key to attract and maintain a brand, so we are trying really hard to come up with a theme from the beginning that we like. Yes, it may take some tweaking, and I am sure our first craft show will be a HUGE learning opportunity for the both of us, but we both think its important to have a cohesive starting point. Watch this space, as I am sure you will be the first to know everything!

I am also looking forward to talking to other artists/crafters. As someone who is a bit late to this creation game, finding a feeling of community is special. Support is key when you are putting little pieces of yourself out there for others to comment on, critique, and (hopefully)love. Plus, networking grows your business. To go back to the craft fair, we were told about it from a friend who runs a spectacular florist in the area. The newest dates and information aren't even posted, yet. We now have an email conversation started with the coordinator and I have volunteered to hand out flyers and just help out in general. Word of mouth, whether by customers, friends, or fellow business owners is what really drives everything!

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