Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quick Update

Feel like I am back to square one. Guy has been busy with his main job, so I've been learning how to use the lightbox, set up the camera, edit the photos, etc. Last week we bought a new camera, and its wonderful. But, with no earthly clue where to start with it, so far I've gotten as advanced as "on", it might as well be a paperweight. Until Guy gets home. So, back to waiting until he's able to take photos, but at least now it goes lots quicker than it did with our vintage horse-drawn digital 6 megapixel. This means a backlog of necklaces to photograph isn't so daunting. Just thinking about the write-ups that are waiting gives me shivers, though.

We went to the local homestore and my storage problem is solved - for now. Guy also suggested we head to Ikea, who am I to staunch his creativity?!? New shelves and various props later, it's feeling less cluttered and overwhelming in here. Which is good, because I just ordered a bunch of vintage crystals and metal findings.

Took a few days off, but I'm back in the work area and creating again. It feels good, especially because I have lots of ideas floating around. Time to get out the pen and paper and sketch them out. Or, in my case, a written description because my sketches make sense to no one, including myself.

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