Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Return of Guy

So I've been allowed to post again. After the lawsuit from Kellogg for the illegal jeweling of Ernest J. Keebler, I was forced to reside in the Keebler Treehouse for 3 months for sensitivity training. I'm a changed man now and elves are not friendly and cute.

As I am sure you have already seen we have purchased a new camera that makes me look like a champion photographer. It actually has legs and walks around and takes pictures for me. Well not quite but close. So I've spent my time retaking all the crappy "poser" photos from the first items we posted. Sometimes you never realize how bad something looks until you see it side by side with something else. The originals weren't bad just...ok, they were pretty lame. Now armed with the proper equipment, Gal's stuff has the photos they deserve.

Speaking of things walking around on legs, it reminds me of something I've wanted to post for a little while. I feel as though this will be an ongoing concept which I know you will all love. One of gal's favorite websites to waste time on is Cakewrecks, so I began to think, what if I did that but for all the "treasures" we find while hunting for vintage beads and other cool stuff. I'm sure someone has devoted a website (and also) their life to doing this already, but it will add some fun to our blog. I think the items will end up falling in 2 categories: one being items that don't belong in antique's stores at all and the other being "WTF?". Let's explore each shall we?

Recently, I came across a bottle of Tanqueray Gin being sold in a vintage booth. Now Tanqueray has been around for 100+ years, so imagine how excited I was to find a rare bottle of Tanqueray to take back to the house and nurse. But wait a's a new bottle...and it's empty...and they want 10 dollars for it! How could I resist that offer? Now keep in mind a new FULL bottle of the stuff only costs 17 bucks down on the corner. I bet the owner of the booth is scratching their head wondering why this bottle just won't move. File under: Doesn't belong in an antiques store.

Now for the bread and butter of this post. This next one is actually what really got me thinking about doing this. I love Toy Story the movie, it has great animation, wonderful values for children to learn and all those cool toys. If I had the spare time I'd build those toys for all to enjoy in real life. I mean, I'd put my blood sweat and tears into those bloody things. But wait, what if someone had the vision to do this for me? What if they put all their love, adoration and heart into handcrafting these toys? Well I now have the pleasure of putting up for your consideration someone who had that vision, that determination, to make these thoughts a living breathing, tangible reality. I know give to you my gentle readers, baby's head in a vase.

Now, I know what you are thinking, "Where can I get one fo those for myself?" And as tempting as it would be to tell you where you can purvey this fine object d'arte, I'm keeping it a secret. Why spoil it for everyone else who will no doubt walk by and wonder just who the f*ck in their right mind would conceive, design and build this thing? Oh I know:

Now I know what to do with that empty bottle of Tanqueray:

Until next time...

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