Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow day!

Snow that stuck. Not too common in the South, its usually ice. Well, we have both, so I am home bound and beadilicious! Looking out my window, the street is all ice and my neighbors haven't been able to drive up the hill. My 4x4 is in the garage, because I know that 4 wheel drive doesn't help with ice. Someone hasn't passed along that message! Guy is at work because people are crazy. Anyway.

Lots to tell you about! I just posted 2 new necklaces today, both different for me. Do I always say that? Well, I like to make things that make me happy, so who knows from one day to the next what that will be. The first one is an illusion multi-strand. Thats different for me because all that individual crimping makes me bonkers and I usually end up ruining a strand three quarters through. Just enough to really piss you off! But I perservered, and it is pretty damn gorgeous if I do say so. Go check out Etsy and see!

The second involves a big felt flower. Big.Felt.Flower! I discovered felt and flower making this past week (that is what I was talking about last post, thanks V!), and oh boy, I love it. I have little daisies, and posies, and somethings, oh my. I have put some on pins and on hairclips, so expect that to show up soon. I am trying to tamp my enthusiasm and get some more jewelry up before I veer off into yet another new craft.

Might be doing my first craft show next month,so I really need to get some inventory and make a cohesive statement. See previous paragraph. Also need to vary my price point, and think about packaging.

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