Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What I am doing today:

Today is prep for tomorrow's All Arts Market. Here is what I'm doing.
First, tagging. These are the tags I tea-stained, and Guy hand stamped with our logo. Prices will be handwritten in on the back.

Second, inventorying. I am writing up index cards with general info, and then inputting them on an ex.cel spreadsheet that is numbered. Check off as we sell/pack up.

Third, taking photos. Many of the pieces I haven't bothered to photograph or put on Etsy, but I'd still like an image record. It's snowing outside, so I brought out the lightbox to take advantage of the natural light reflection.

Fourth, bagging. For ease of transportation, and so there are no tangles, each piece is getting their own baggie, with tags and index cards inside.

Phew. It is taking awhile, but one thing I have learned working retail is all the extra effort up front MORE than pays for itself later. Think I deserve a tea break, and then back to work! Hope you are having a productive day as well!

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