Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And the gears were set in motion...

Guy here.

So this week for me officially marks the beginning of the great marketing push for gal and her stuff. I have been waiting for her to get her pieces in order and have enough inventory of goodies to create with before we started pushing intenyears. out to the great wide world.

If you've been with us since the beginning, it is amazing to think of how far we have come in just a few short months. Going from her part-time hobby to a (sort of) full blown enterprise. I've felt especially creative and with the purchase of a new printer that is capable of printing 5x7 photos I am ready to start building her portfolio to use for juried shows and events. There are so many deadlines coming up they are hitting hard and fast. No need to be specific yet, however, if they all come through there are A LOT of things to be done. We might need Boris the intern afterall...

I am huge branding person, anyone who saw our booth at the show learned this first hand. From the booth itself all the way through to the box and the bag, intenyears. was all up in yo' grill. I firmly believe that in order to set yourself apart, no matter what business arena, you have to be branded and do it professionally. People might not expect it, especially at an off-site craft show, but they are REALLY impressed when they see it.

One of the reasons why gal and I work so well together has to do with her creative side and my business side. That's not to say there isn't a lot of overlap, for example we're both HUGE perfectionists. You can see this in anything she creates, she refuses to put her name on something that isn't just right. I'm the same way with any creative material or copy I create. We were chatting after the All Arts Market about putting our name on a piece (in the metaphorical sense) and realized we needed a way to put our name on on her pieces (in the literal sense). So the creative juices starting flowing.

I have never played with resin before, and I can tell's pretty f*in cool. It was like I was mixing with one of the kiddie chemist sets from back in the day, except I didn't grow those lame powdery "crystals" (Remember those?) Anyway, although it didn't come out perfect, due to me being impatient and not sealing it properly, here is what every necklace will eventually roll off the line with:

Even though the sides have some "bleed" going on, it sill sort fits the vintage feel. We'll keep messing with and get it right, but its cool to know that all of her pieces (when we can) will have this attached. Ain't branding grand? Oh, and once we have the portfolio pics up on Flickr, we'll post that link for you.

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