Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thriving artist

So, yeah. Hi.

We've been busy here, but I know its hard to tell since it has been so quiet on the blog. Grab a cup of tea and let's dish!

First, I've been working with the owner of a local shop, let's call it Rose's, on carrying intenyears. along with other handcrafted items. Do I even need to explain how exciting that it for me? And stressful! I hope that if you live in or around the Queen City you will be able to stop by, browse, and take time to smell the flowers. Rose's is really an unique shop and in an awesome location, it would be well worth a visit. I'll post the definite info, date, and of course all the shop information as soon as I can.

Second, this being creative thing is pretty new to me. Or, at least the confidence in my creative voice. It amazes me that now, I seek out other things to try, and I don't think twice about attempting them. Before I would have never put myself out there, not even making the attempt, because I may 'do it wrong'. What I'm learning is, aside from safety issues, there IS NO WRONG when it comes to your own creativity, your own voice. I have so many ideas and dreams filling up my little notebook, a little craft bucket list if you will. Hmm, that gives me an idea......

Third, do you remember me talking about joining the local handmade and vintage group CrownTownHandmade ? They have been awesome, supportive, and informative. They've been trying to set up a community craft night, and as you can imagine the logistics of doing something like that can be crazy. Looks like the first one will be near the end of April, and you can meet me and do a fun craft. Because as of right now, I will be instructing how to do said fun craft. :) Of course, there is still so much time and plans may change, that's how things are looking. Of course I will post the finalized date here, and on Twitter.

And, last, we spent the day yesterday sorting and reorganizing out work space. It takes up a whole extra room, with my work table, a set area for the light box/photos, a new desk with our network printer, an area for soldering/wire work, and storage for finished pieces. I also hung up my print from CreativeThursday . To think, this started out as a lap project!

Thriving artist, indeed!

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