Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not to be outdone...

Two posts in one day, amazing. Gal is right, we have been super busy in getting her "studio" (i.e. the extra bedroom in our house) up to snuff. After clearing out more books than the Library of Congress and donating them, we had room to work. Finally the marketing and photography department have their own offices. Those artsy people smell funny and listen to classical music.

We have a new intern in the marketing department, Boris. We have no idea where he comes from or what his CV looks like he just sorta appeared out of nowhere. He tends to like dark corners and keeps to himself most of the daylight hours. I will say he is great at multitasking and helping out around the office. Here is an artist's rendering of our new intern:

Did I mention my phobia of spiders? Gal thought it hilarious last night when I looked into my light box and saw not only Boris, but his damned web with a fruit fly in it. I asked gal to remove our interloper only to have her force him behind the poster board at the back of the box! Thanks hun. I think he hitched a ride when she used the box outside last week. God, I hate spiders...

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