Friday, November 20, 2009

Your trash is my inspiration

I see you've met my guy. Proves you can't leave your blog password out or just anybody will start posting. He has a way with words, that one.

My lungs are still auditioning for the next Muci.nex commercial. Soccer hooligans seem to have moved in and are throwing dustbins and Gui.nness around in there. Lots of singing and shouting. But, overall, I am feeling better and have some adventures to share. There are some new necklaces to talk about, antique mall finds, and of course the beaders' night out.

Guy and I went to few more antique malls around here this past week, and scored some nice deals. My favorite is an ugly copper wire tree that I found for $1.50. There isn't a picture quite ugly enough, or that isn't some one's art, that can be linked to. But, basically, for $1.50 I have at least 50 copper leaf pendants and a whole lot of copper strands for jewelry work.

I spied it from across the aisle, and went straight into stalker mode as there was a woman looking in that stall. I stepped closer. Closer. She must have been glad I brushed my teeth. My left hand was physically restraining my right from darting forward past the eyeless baby doll heads and snatching the tree. My eyes darted back and forth. The tension was thick. The music was bad. Closer, until there was an uncomfortable lack of distance between us. She finally muttered 'excuse me' when I pushed her down to step on her as I grabbed my tree. Guy thinks it looked more like I stepped back politely to give her room to exit and then went back in, but not IN MY MIND.

Back to civilized behavior. There was a beaders' night out to attend last night. Even though I've been sick and wasn't sure if it was good to go, I was excited about spending time with other beaders, swapping ideas and inspirational stories. Insert laughter, crying, and chocolate eating montage here. You get the idea. Anyway, so packed up several project ideas, my tools, some beading wire, and headed out. Got there right on time, early enough that I was the first one. Chatted with the employees, who said about 6 RSVP'd. Set out my stuff, and started designing a necklace. Very quiet. Thirty minutes later, someone else! One hour later.....nobody else! Only 2 of us showed up. 2 does not a montage make....well not the kind of family-friendly one I was thinking of. It was a nice time, though, and got to know my local bead shop employees a little better, but next time there better be inspirational bonding, damn it!

Two new necklaces to post about, and two others that are photographed and ready to put into the shop. At the BNO, I used some more of the vintage cream-colored flowers in a longer length necklace, with some really pretty orange glass rondeau beads as accents. It is supposed to line up asymmetrically on the neck, very nice. Also finally finished a necklace today using a stone
I've had for awhile. Its been in another necklace, but it didn't make me happy and finally dismantled it to reuse today. It is a blue-green faceted dyed quartz, and I added a lapis lazuli bead and a clear acrylic disk to a chunky silver color metal chain. Very simple, yet the size of the stone and shape of the chain links make it a statement piece. I cannot wait for you to see them!

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