Saturday, November 7, 2009

I believe, Tweak.

I feel like a tortured artist! It felt so good to sit at my table today and start working, I haven't made anything in 2 days, trying to get some other parts of the business going. Yet, my work table is littered with projects I have started but just cannot seem to finish or even be happy with. I have no vision for what to make with these pieces yet, was hoping that it would just hit me as I went. Busy hands and all that. *sigh* Maybe if I leave it all out, the bead fairies will come by, like the cobbler's elves, or the underpants gnomes. Its making me cranky, which doesn't help me calm down and concentrate. No wine in sight to grease the wheels, maybe a nice cup of hot cocoa instead. Is there brandy in this house?

I did sign up for a local beading/jewelry making meetup group today and a beaders night out later in the month. Hopefully being around others who are as excited about this stuff as I am will help. Maybe I should start posting photos of things I am working on to get me inspired before then. Uh, not tonight, I'm too cranky and my table is too messy.

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