Monday, November 9, 2009

...and the clouds parted....

The biggest news is my first sale has made it safely to its new home. Slight moment of panic when I released it to the unloving maw of the postal system, but you have to let go and let your babies be independent. Next, sound the alarms! I am looking at 2 completed creations, both styles new to me creatively. There was still some drama with lack of creativity until this afternoon, but just keeping my hands busy finally paid off. I can't wait for you to see them, but since my photographer is busy, you'll just have to deal with my descriptions.

The first one is an antiqued brass necklace, where the pendant is made up of small metal pieces held together with copper plated jump rings, so it has lots of movement, 5mm amber glass beads and 4mm red Swarovski crystals. The colors all together kept making me want to find a hookah, very spice market feeling., very Ab-Fab spice market, one of my most favorite episodes ever.It was inspired by a necklace a wonderful friend of mine let me bring home to study, it was her mothers' and it was very generous of her to part with it!

The second is a bracelet, which is completely new to me. It started off as practice for my bead wrapping/loops using natural garnet beads (I know, a bit too nice for practice!) and copper wire as busywork. Today I started to have a few necklace ideas for it. Nothing was exciting me till I draped it over my arm to look at a wrap....and it hit me, a bracelet! To top that off, the clasp is handmade by yours truly. I can't believe how giddy making my own S-clasp has me!

There are a new pair of earrings completed, so that really makes 3, and those earrings inspired a pendant, but still figuring out chain options for that one. B and I are heading to one of those 'antique' malls tomorrow to check out some jewelry, so there should be some great new stuff to work with and re-energize me. Can't wait for spring to come with all the tag sales, garage sales, and estate sales! We also have lunch with friends planned, so check back in a few days to see if the muse has hit me with a feather or a brick.


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