Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And now a word from the Marketing Department...

So, as "gal" mentioned, there is a "guy" behind the scenes and he is me. We figured that while she handles the creative side in regards to making the jewelry, I'll handle the fun stuff such as (but not limited to): web design, marketing, heavy lifting and photography. Often times the "offices" of the marketing department overlaps the design department, (i.e. our workspaces on the table co-mingle) but overall we work well together. Personally, I don't really find this as a surprise, but I'm sure "gal" would answer differently.

We've already had some learning experiences in this venture and as time goes on, we thought it would be fun to share them with the world. We are by no means suggesting our lessons are unique but if you're here reading this, you must care about us in some form or another. So in that regard, here is hard fought lesson number one: scale.

About one week into our venture gal and I were perusing on Etsy looking at the different beads that were available. In a stroke of genius I decided to sort from most expensive to least, just to see what the "top" beads where and what their prices were. We came across this beautiful watermelon tourmaline, fate and destiny intertwined, it was meant to be ours. It was green on the outside, gorgeous pink on the inner band. We both immediately fell in love with it and I'm sure both had visions of this being the gem to kick start our store and be our first sale. (ok, so I might have added some extra drama for effect, but you get the point.) We ordered this gem and another few things from this seller, who is based in Thailand, and preceded to wait.

About ten days later we get the package notice (actually we missed the delivery and had to go to the Post Office) but of course it was still out for delivery. The next day rolls around and Gal goes to pick up the gem to end all gems; I still wish I could have been in the car to see her face. Below is a transcipt (more or less) of the ensuing phone call:

Gal: Hey, it's me...how are you?
Guy: Good, at work the usual fun stuff. What's up?
Gal: Well, I went and picked up the package...
Guy (giddily): And...is it everything we hoped for and more?
Gal: It's really pretty. Green on the outside, pink on the inside. The other pieces are cool too.
Guy (sensing a strange tone in Gal's voice): How big is it?
Gal: Well, it's thicker than I thought.
Guy: Wow, that's great. How big is it?
Gal: It's a little smaller than I envisioned...
Guy: Like how much smaller, is it the size of a quarter?
Gal: Umm...
Guy: A dime?
Gal: Ummm, I'm in the neighborhood at the bead store, I'll show you.

So Gal shows up at work and hands me the package. This thing must have had like twelve layers of bubble wrap around it. I carefully unwrap the gem and lo and behold it looks like...

You know how if you actually suck on a Jolly Rancher until it gets really thin right before it disintegrates in your mouth? Combine that with the diameter an Altoid, then shave off a few millimeters and you've got it. Right.

Well there you have it. So, the marketing department learned a valuable lesson that day: Always check the scale of your purchase, otherwise you're making necklaces for the Keebler Elves.

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