Thursday, November 12, 2009

The past is the future

What a dreary, ugly day outside. Which means it is a perfect day to hibernate at my workbench, string some beads and chill out with some classical music. Oh, and talk to you.

Remember that antique mall I told you about? We went Tuesday and came out with quite a few things. Some will take a bit of work, some are perfect as is, but overall a pretty decent haul. Lots of pretty stones, interesting craftmanship, and quality just not seen in today's products.

I have a love/hate relationship with these 'antique' malls. They usually make me quite depressed, walking through and seeing people's lives being displayed for pennies on the dollar. I always wonder what stories those objects could tell, what interesting things they must have been a part of. That rhinestone hairclip....did it have wild times at an illicit speakeasy, dropped and lost forever after a police raid? Or that circle pin, was it being worn the night he asked her to go steady after homecoming? So many stories to tell, so many stories lost. I tell them that with me, they are getting another chance to go out and experience life. Yes, out loud. As you might have guessed, sentimentality is a trait of mine. I like to think that this is my small way of honoring the past.

There is a piece that I finished today using mostly these recycled beads, it is so pretty and delicate. Hopefully it will get posted tonight, because my description would not do it justice. My other main project, saying it is a source of frustration right now would be an understatement. The desired result, which is only in my head, seems easy and fluid. The execution of assembly is proving to be anything but. I will not give up, because that is how you learn and stretch and grow, but it is so not fun!

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