Sunday, November 15, 2009


Something has me completely down and out. When you work from home, and the commute seems impossible, there is a problem. It came on suddenly Thursday evening, and I was hanging on until Saturday night, then it went downhill on skates. This morning had a burst of energy and did some chores, but that quickly caught up with me. I think a call to the Dr. is needed tomorrow, because breathing shouldn't hurt so much. Reading even hurts, and if you know me at all, I must be sick if I am not reading something!

Made myself some pantry chicken rice soup, and hot tea with lots of honey. Took a nap, and hung around with co-worker, BooGirl. She wasn't complaining, as she has a gold medal in napping. Her pro tips include: take all the room you need, no matter who else is there, and don't feel guilty, sleep is awesome. What do you do when you are sick to make yourself feel better?

It hasn't been all idleness, though. I've been thinking of some ideas for necklaces, and am excited to try them out. I still have a bunch of beads from the antique store to sort through, and looks like there will be a bunch more arriving at my doorstep next week. There are some other leads to check out, so should have a bunch of stuff up for the holidays. Keep an eye out on the Etsy mini store on the side!

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