Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Baubles

The Thanksgiving holiday is over, house is back to just us, and my lungs have firehosed the soccer hooligans. Back to work time it is. Make sure you check the sidebar listing, as there are quite a few new pieces to post, new gorgeous gewgaws to work with, and of course you'll want to be updated since it is the season of giving! What better gift than something handmade, that is as unique as the person you are giving it to. Can you tell I used to work for a social expressions company? No? Good.

On an exciting note (at least for me), my new business cards arrived this past Friday. They are so awesome and it makes me feel 'legit'. It feels much more professional to have this beautiful card to hand out when someone tells me they like what I'm wearing, instead of writing it on a napkin or trying to find a non-awkward way of promoting my website. Some have already been handed out to friends, visiting family, and the woman at the bead shop we stumbled upon during our latest adventure. Yes, I said adventure. I am going to let the Guy talk about that in his next post. It should be quite a read.

Are you wondering what I've been working on? Since the holiday season often includes lots of events and parties, what better way to get more mileage out of that LBD than some fun jewelry sets? And guys? We girls would *LOVE* it if you bust out a cutely decorated jewelry box as we're getting ready for a night out. Colorful chokers, earrings, semi-precious stones and bright copper to really get noticed amongst all the tinsel. I really seem to be drawn to working with copper, it seems to showcase the gems just that little bit more than silver or gold, and people definitely seem to notice it more. It is just warmer.

In other words, come check out all the fun and pretty stuff that will be posted soon. We are very excited here about the next few weeks, and hope you will love the new stuff, too.

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