Thursday, December 10, 2009

Family Eyes

Brrr, its starting to feel like December, even here in the south. Now, anything below 75 degrees and the whining begins, but it will be in the 20's soon. So how am I coping? I headed straight for the local bead store, of course!

I stocked up on some things that were needed to finish a few projects that have been lying around, so that was a necessary purchase. But! They had a 50% table! And pretty new sparkly things! In orange! And pink! Orange has been my latest obsession, so a strand of orange beads on sale was a no-brainer. Pink I just love, but can't seem to work it into a design I like that isn't too twee. This pink would go perfectly with some unfinished rough quartz we picked up on our last trip, which is white with a hint of pink. The rough texture of the unfinished white quartz and the smooth shiny tiny pink quartz beads will go excellent together, IMO. Plus, now I know that they are having a huge Boxing Day Sale. Important info to have.

The holidays are coming up, so of course most of my projects have been for gifts. It is really stressful to make something to give to family! You worry about every single detail, things that no mortal eyes would even notice. But family eyes, family eyes would notice, or so you believe. Honestly, they probably would overlook any flaws and love it just because I made it for them, but still. Anyone else feel more pressure when making gifts for family, or is it just me?

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