Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday: Five Favorites

Another edition of Friday: Five Favorites! This is where I list five random Etsy shops from my Favorites list, and hopefully you'll add some of yours in the comments!

Cantaloupe Corner
Cute, cute, CUTE baby & toddler clothes. What I love is that she does a dye removal process, instead of adding inks and dyes to the fabric. I think this one would be adorable at a beach or, honestly, any wedding. All the men would be jealous.

Dancing Circle
I have a thing for wreaths. If they are displayed in a store, it is impossible for me to walk past them. I dream of decorating doors for different seasons, propping them on photo ledges, or placing candles in the middles as centerpieces. The other thing I love is flowers, any and every. So, this shop is full of dried flower wreaths, and was one of my first favorites on Etsy. Hydrangeas are tops on my list.

I don't understand sweets that cannot be eaten, but they so adorable who needs to? Maybe wearing little donuts, ice cream sundaes, and cakes would keep me from craving the real thing....nah. The mini popsicles are perfect for summer pendants, but isn't this guy cute (ahem, kawaii...)?

Goat Mountain Arts
Who doesn't love yummy smelling bath stuff? Her soap is hand milled, and love the fact that you can get custom orders or order a trial size sample of her soap. Also, she makes me laugh. Sellers should check out Grumpy Haters. Warning, a sense of humor is required!

While her paper and fabric creations are cute, she's on this list because of her extremely helpful e-books for sellers. The Craft Fair e-book is especially cool, and found that sucker listed all over the blogosphere as a resource.

So, did you finish reading the blog, or did you immediately start clicking on links??

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