Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I am in the middle of a month full of craft shows, art fairs, and a wedding showcase each weekend. I might have to give wine by the box a chance to get through it!

Our first show, AutumnFaire at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, was this past weekend. We shared a booth with Jessica's Jacket and Vanity Independent Creative Design,which was lots of fun, even at 7:30 am, and very successful. So much fun that when Jessica offered to share her booth again at a show this upcoming weekend, Ahlara Art Show in Mooresville, YES! flew out of my mouth so fast I thought we were engaged. So successful that I need to prepare and restock, and make lots of pieces. LOTS of pieces. But everything I touch just seems to turn into....bleh. Boring. Typical. Symmetrical. Bleh.

All that leaves me feeling discouraged, and unmotivated, and uninspired. I will just have to push through it, but any pointers, tips, or ideas out there on how to speed it along will be appreciated. Random acts of wine are appreciated, too. With brownies.


  1. Dear Intenyears,

    I often find that stepping away from the crafting table and going out into the world is the best way to get inspired.
    I suggest to go to places of art or craft stores to see what is out there, what you like and don't like and what you would change on pieces you see.

    Just don't freak out. In worst cases you can take orders from customers and make the pieces after the show.

  2. Donna, I've really felt the same lately. I had to step back and say...when was the last time I was excited about my work? What was happening at that time? Try building on your favorite pieces...what do you like about them? Could you do a series with similar techniques, forms, etc...?

    Also...look around your home, at your belongings and clothing. What colors/textures/shapes/motifs do you see recurring? Explore this!

    Hang in there...I'm just sitting back down to the bench after a few months of discouragement.

  3. Thanks for the comments! I decided to let go a little and spend some time with friends, and also come out from behind the craft table booth and really look around at the other vendors. I am feeling really energized right now!