Friday, July 23, 2010

Five Friday Favorites (Fashion)

CircularAccessories Looking for my five favorites, I found this dress and and another shirt I loved. I then noticed they were both from the same shop. Kismet. Check out the rest of the shop, you can thank me later.

LamaWorksWoolies. This shop is pretty new, but this cowl caught my eye. I hate being cold, but hate hate HATE constricting things around my neck. Turtlenecks, mock necks,scarves etc. Cowls seem to give me warmth, look cute, but still let me feel like I can breathe.

RedThreaded. Channel your inner Elizabeth Bennet. Mr Darcy not included.

LaMistinguette. My mom (sorry mom) was a teen on the 1950's. I look at her pictures, and wish she had saved those dresses. They were so, so awesome. That is what this dress reminds me of. Makes me want to lean on a cherry 1955 Chevy.

. Everyone needs a cute purse. Even better in pink.

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  1. There is a pretty sweet corset under the Redthreaded site. You should totally get one! super cute. -kelly