Monday, June 7, 2010

Tag, You're It

This past week was the June All Arts Market hosted by Nodarioty. You may remember that the All Arts Market in March was my first craft show, so I was excited to be back. My inventory was very different from last time, so was that first success a fluke, or is my vision something that others really enjoy, too?

One of the things that has been a constant is the feedback about our logo and tags. Each and every time people have commented that they thought the tags were part of the jewelry, and that we should turn the tags themselves into necklaces. Well, don't think we don't listen to our customer feedback.

Our new resin tag pendant made its soft launch at the Market, and out of the 4 we made, 3 were sold. 3 of those necklaces were put together at the Market itself, and they sold as soon as I put them out. I made the last one at 9:50, closed at 10, bet if I had another 15 minutes that baby would have gone home with someone, too. They were on the table, but off to the side, until the usual 'You should make a pendant out of this', et voila! I had one to show. It seemed that besides the logo, what people really liked was the simplicity of the design. Re-using our actual tag and not a replica was a big talking point.

You know us, so we will be finessing the end product a bit more. I mean 'we', since Guy and I both have a hand in this simple design. He does all the resin work, and then I make it into jewelry. I think it is a great collaboration, but then again I am not the one coating small tags with chemical mixtures!

Look for them on my Etsy shop, and at craft fairs near you.

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