Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I am artist, hear me...crimp?

One of the things that I have been working on since I started intenyears. is self-promotion. I'm really sensitive to being seen as 'pushy'. Maybe its was the decade of retail management experience, maybe its the fact that I can be shy in new social situations, or thinking that people won't really like what I do, then proceed to tell me about detail! Guy doesn't have the same issue, luckily. He can walk in, and be comfortable with everyone and everything. Explains why one of his many hats around here is Marketing, doesn't it?

His comfort with new situations, and understanding of how I work and feel about them, is really helping me push my comfort zones and grow intenyears. On the surface, its things like...gentle insistence on trying my first craft show, the All Arts Market in March, even though I was nervous and felt I wasn't ready. Do I even need to tell you yet again what an unparalleled success that was for me? Or...getting me to apply to a Silent Auction by prepping a portfolio. We got the email at dinner last night saying my application was approved for the ARTcravings Silent Auction . Check out the name is on there as an artist, and I had to have the page printed out to go on my inspiration board!

Less obvious is how much more confident I feel trying new ideas, see my previous post about 'doing things wrong'. More importantly for me, is how I now answer that famous question, "What do you do?" I am a handmade jewelry artist/designer. No other caveats or self-depreciating laughter.

Now that you know how sweet and timid and shy I am, look at my new links up top. Check out my new Events page, because I am going places, and I want you all to come along for the ride. :)

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